Quartz Countertop Rooms

Beautiful, functional countertops for every room in your home

Quartz Countertops for the Kitchen

Want to remodel your kitchen but not sure which countertop material is best? Quartz is the perfect option for kitchen and bathroom countertops thanks to its extreme durability in spaces where traffic and daily use are high. Quartz also offers endless possibilities when it comes to surface color and designs that look and feel like real stone.

Engineered quartz countertops are made from a strong, nonporous material created by combining about 95% ground quartz (one of the planet’s hardest materials) with polymer resins. The finished result is an strong, easy-maintenance nonporous surface that resists heat, water, bacteria and stains without the need for sealing.

At Raby Home Solutions, we use state-of-the art technology to fabricate beautiful quartz countertops to your exact specifications. All of our countertops are digitally cut and finished in-house so you can have a more convenient and affordable countertop solution for your kitchen in just a couple of days

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Quartz Countertops for the Laundry Room

Your laundry room is not only a utilitarian space for work and chores, but also a great place to organize and store belongings. To make your laundry room even more functional for the whole family, consider quartz for surfaces like countertops, sink surrounds, and shelving. Top your washer and dry with a quartz countertop to assist with folding. Add quartz shelving for added storage that won’t wear.

Quartz suits laundry rooms because of its low-maintenance, easy-to-clean nature. It’s common to have detergents, bleach, fabric softeners, and dirty clothes on these surfaces, all of which are prone to spill, stain or harm certain materials. Quartz allows you to clean up these messes quickly with a durable surface that requires no sealing and is resistant to scratching and staining.

Style is also important, because the spaces you spend the most time in are the ones you want to look great. Quartz countertops for laundry rooms offer a wide range of stone looks, bold colors, and contemporary styles. Find your next laundry room at Raby Home Solutions, and we’ll precision-cut it to your exact specifications right here in our showroom.