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What Are Quartz Countertops Made Of?

Quartz has become incredibly popular in home design within the past few decades. Many people choose quartz because of its extreme durability, non-porous surface, zero-maintenance nature and wide array of available colors.

But what is quartz made of? These countertops are actually constructed using a man-made engineered stone. 90 percent ground quartz, a naturally hard mineral) and 10% resins, polymers, and pigments are combined to create quartz countertops. The color and pattern of the material depends on how the quartz is ground. Coarsely ground quartz gives these countertops a flecked appearance, while finely-ground quartz produces a smoother look.

Quartz is the second most abundant material in the earth’s crust, and many brands use certified green processes in their mining and manufacturing to ensure a minimal environmental impact.

Here at Raby Home Solutions, we’ll precision-cut a custom quartz countertop to your exact specifications for your next home renovation. Contact us or visit one of our showrooms to learn more about our in-house, state-of-the-art countertops services.

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Pros and Cons of a Quartz Countertop

Pros of Quartz Countertops
• Glossy sheen
• Extremely hard and durable
• Non-porous material
• Resistant to stains, chips and cracks
• Available in a wide range of colors
• Doesn’t require sealing or resealing
• Easy to clean with mild soap & water

Cons of Quartz Countertops

• More expensive than granite
• Heat intolerant
• Seams typical in larger countertop designs
• Very heavy and better suited to professional installation

Quartz countertops also stay very cool due to their heat distribution capabilities. This can be a pro or a con depending on how you use them. They will absorb heat from warm food, but they can also defrost frozen foods more quickly.

Explore Your Quartz Countertop Options

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Marabella Quartz

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Pelican White Quartz

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Torquay Quartz

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Mystic Gray Quartz