Wood Kitchen Cabinets in Albuquerque, NM

A classic feature in any kitchen, bathroom or laundry room

Why choose wood kitchen cabinets?

The material from which your cabinets are made determines not only how they’ll look, but also how they’ll stand up to daily use. Strike a balance between style & performance with custom kitchen cabinets made from beautiful solid hardwood.

Because they can be stained, painted, or kept looking natural, wood cabinets are versatile enough to pair with any décor style. Wood cabinets feature a range of options for you to consider, including natural wood grains and knots as well as natural colors ranging from light to dark kitchen cabinets. Mix and match different colors for two tone kitchen cabinets and select from a variety of styles including shaker cabinets, farmhouse kitchen cabinets and more. Whatever your cabinet preferences, we can create the perfect custom kitchen cabinets for you here at Raby Home Solutions.

Accord door style in Maple | Raby Home Solutions
Bridgeport door style in Cherry finished in Brittany | Raby Home Solutions

Wood species & types of wood kitchen cabinets

Because wood species vary in pattern & color, it’s good to know the features of some of the popular wood kitchen cabinet styles.

Oak kitchen cabinets are strong & durable, with pronounced grain patterns.

Maple kitchen cabinets are less dense than oak, featuring fine grains and light colors that are often dressed with a clear finish for a light, contemporary look.

Cherry kitchen cabinets are smooth with a fine grain that darkens with age. Hard enough to withstand being knocked around while maintaining a look that works well in contemporary & traditional designs alike.

No matter which look you choose for your custom kitchen cabinets, you can rest assured knowing that Raby Home Solutions is here to provide you with a quality product for your cabinet refacing project.

Explore Your Kitchen Cabinet Style Options

Bridgeport door style in Oak finished in Chestnut | Raby Home Solutions

Bridgeport door style in Oak finished in Chestnut

Amsdahl inset door style | Raby Home Solutionsnut with Ebony glaze

Tempo door style in Cherry finished
in Chestnut with Ebony glaze

Stratford door style | Raby Home Solutions

Stratford door style in Hickory finished in Mocha

Allentown inset door style | Raby Home Solutions

Allentown inset door style in Maple finished in Macadamia with Latte glaze