Starmark Bathroom Cabinets in Albuquerque, NM

Truly custom bathroom cabinets near Albuquerque & Santa Fe

Discover handcrafted bathroom cabinet design

At Raby Home Solutions, you can create a beautiful bathroom wall cabinet, sink cabinet, vanity cabinets & more by taking advantage of our partnership with StarMark Cabinetry.

We trust StarMark for our custom cabinets in large part because of their quality. StarMark doesn’t punch their cabinets out of wood, nor do we build them from a prefabricated box to be stored in a warehouse. Every cabinet we order from StarMark is handcrafted, one at a time, to your exact specifications when you order it.

Because they aren’t prefabricated, you can have StarMark bathroom cabinets built to fit any size space exactly, down to 1/16” increments. Choose from an array of customizable features including soft close drawers, cabinet doors that will never slam shut, and full extension drawer slides. Design modern bathroom cabinets in any color. No matter what you need in your kitchen, Raby Home Solutions can help you design it with StarMark bathroom cabinets in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, NM.

Tempo door style | Raby Home Solutions
Bethany door style in Cherry finished in Cappuccino | Raby Home Solutions

Choose any look you can imagine

Using only quality hardwoods, StarMark Cabinetry is able to craft custom cabinets in any style, from traditional styles to more modern bathroom cabinets. StarMark can design in an array of popular bathroom cabinet colors. StarMark has created more than 2,000 custom colors in their US-based facility for homeowners across the country. Whether you want a black bathroom cabinet for a darker design or a white bathroom cabinet that brightens your space, matching shades of grey, green, white or wood grains, we can help you build it.

If you’re looking for custom bathroom cabinets in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, NM, Raby Home Solutions is your source!

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Tempo door style in Quarter Sawn Oak | Raby Home Solutions

Tempo door style in Quarter Sawn Oak finished in Repose Grey with Chocolate glaze

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Back to list Tempo door style in Lyptus finished in Brittany

Tabor door style in Cherry finished | Raby Home Solutions

Alexandria inset door style in Maple finished in Macadamia

Bridgeport door style in Maple finished in Mushroom | Raby Home Solutions

Bridgeport door style in Maple finished in Mushroom with Chocolate glaze